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Publishing your manuscript

Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication we will need

  1. receipt of payment for the article charge unless you have been granted a waiver.1
  2. online confirmation of authorship details by all authors,2
  3. online acceptance of the publication agreement2 and
  4. receipt of copyright permission form(s) if appropriate
1An invoice will be mailed to the corresponding author upon acceptance.
2All authors will receive an email asking them to log into the website to confirm details and accept the agreement.

Getting permission to use work owned by others (download pdf file)

If your article contains material that belongs to someone else or is already published you must obtain written permission from the copyright holder to use that material even if you modify it. Please complete the following steps immediately after your paper has been accepted for publication:

  1. Complete the copyright permission agreement (download pdf file)
  2. Send the original and one copy to the owner of the copyright. Ask them to sign one copy and return it to you.
  3. Send the signed agreement either as an image or pdf to managing_editor@ace-eco
  4. The subject line of your email must include the manuscript number.
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