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Greek letters may be used in your manuscript by enclosing the alphabetic representation of the letter within tags. For example, to get a lower case beta, type the tagged version: <beta>. To get an upper case Greek letter, use an upper-case alphabetic representation of the Greek letter. For example, <DELTA> will be converted to an upper-case delta.

The table below gives the complete list of tags and the resultant HTML version that will be produced by the journal's submission software.

<alpha> α <ALPHA> Α
<beta> β <BETA> Β
<gamma> γ <GAMMA> Γ
<delta> δ <DELTA> Δ
<epsilon> ε <EPSILON> Ε
<zeta> ζ <ZETA> Ζ
<eta> η <ETA> Η
<theta> θ <THETA> Θ
<iota> ι <IOTA> Ι
<kappa> κ <KAPPA> Κ
<lambda> λ <LAMBDA> Λ
<mu> μ <MU> Μ
<nu> ν <NU> Ν
<xi> ξ <XI> Ξ
<omicron> ο <OMICRON> Ο
<pi> π <PI> Π
<rho> ρ <RHO> Ρ
<sigma> σ <SIGMA> Σ
<tau> τ <TAU> Τ
<upsilon> υ <UPSILON> Υ
<phi> φ <PHI> Φ
<chi> χ <CHI> Χ
<psi> ψ <PSI> Ψ
<omega> ω <OMEGA> Ω

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