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Volume 93, No. 2 (2022)

Snake predators of bird eggs: a review and bibliography   PDF Version

Jody M Barends and Bryan Maritz

Community science reveals biennial irruptive migration in the White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)   PDF Version

Erica Dunn, Andrew Dreelin, Paul Heveran, Laurie Goodrich, Derek Potter, Andra Florea, Brett Ewald and Joseph Gyekis

Parental care in a sexually monomorphic Picid, the Red-headed Woodpecker   PDF Version

L. Abigail Walter, Catherine Viverette and Lesley Bulluck

Patterns of inter- and intraspecific nest dispersion in colonies of gulls and grebes based on drone imagery   PDF Version

Ann E McKellar

Regional song dialects of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet   PDF Version

Edward R. Pandolfino and Lily A. Douglas

Long-distance dispersal in a recovering endangered shorebird population facilitates recolonization of historical nesting sites following decades of extirpation   PDF Version

Andrew David Brown, Francesca Cuthbert, Alice Van Zoeren, Stephanie Schubel and Erica Nol

Geographic variation in morphology of Northern Cardinals: possible application of Bergmann’s Rule?   PDF Version

M. Susan DeVries, Meg Waraczynski, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Morgan C. Slevin, Rindy Anderson and Jodie M. Jawor

Fat scoring in four sparrow species as an estimation of body condition: a validation study   PDF Version

Elizabeth S. Wenker, Erin L Kendrick, Mike Maslanka and Michael L Power

Using ringing data to inform geolocator deployment: a case study of the Red-capped Robin-chat Cossypha natalensis in East Africa   PDF Version

Raphaël Nussbaumer, Lennox Kirao, Felix Liechti and Colin Jackson

Rushing in the spring and relaxing in the fall: seasonal and sex-specific migration profiles of Dunlin   PDF Version

Leah Wright, Erica Nol, Richard B Lanctot and Laura McKinnon

Volume 93, No. 1 (2022)

Capture height biases for birds in mist-nets vary by taxon, season, and foraging guild in northern California   PDF Version

D. Julian Tattoni and Katie LaBarbera

Minimum capture-recapture rates and years of banding station operations to obtain reliable adult annual survival estimates   PDF Version

Danielle R Kaschube, James F. Saracco, Chris Ray, Christine M. Godwin, Kenneth R. Foster and Peter Pyle

Plunge diving by Brown Pelicans resembles a Split-S Turn   PDF Version

Wesley L. Shoop and Eric Tilson

Female song is structurally different from male song in Orchard Orioles, a temperate-breeding songbird with delayed plumage maturation   PDF Version

Michelle J. Moyer, Evangeline M. Rose, D'Juan A. Moreland, Aiman Raza, Sean M. Brown, Alexis L. Scarselletta, Bernard Lohr, Karan J. Odom and Kevin E. Omland

Tritrophic interactions with avian predators: the effect of host plant species and herbivore-induced plant volatiles on recruiting avian predators   PDF Version

Mercille Nguyen, Catherine McGrath, Caitlin McNamara and Alex Van Huynh

Interannual colony exchange among breeding Eastern Brown Pelicans   PDF Version

Bradley P. Wilkinson and Patrick G. R. Jodice

Foraging and roosting habitat of Eastern Whip-poor-wills in the northeastern United States   PDF Version

Kimberly J. Spiller, David I. King and Jeffrey Bolsinger

Are abandoned grasslands within forest plantations effective for the conservation of grassland birds?   PDF Version

Lucilene Inês Jacoboski, Allan de Oliveira de Oliveira and Sandra Maria Hartz

Demography and site fidelity of a grassland bird, the Henslow's Sparrow, in powerline right-of-way habitat   PDF Version

Elizabeth A. Hunter, Abigail Dwire and Todd M. Schneider

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